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The World is Blue… for now

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Okay this book felt like it thought it had to be a graphic novel so that kids would be entertained, but the scarce illustrations were not going to do much to make this information dense book more accessible to young readers. I mean, what’s their targeted age group? This would be like showing the new Bill Nye to kids: there’s quirks, but most of the science, and climate talk goes over their heads.

Now, I do believe we need to start at a very young age educating our kids about climate change, because this will be a BIG problem for them. It’s a big problem for us, it’ll be an even bigger problem for them, BUT don’t bore them to tears because then they won’t care.

I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.

I also didn’t agree with the author. He had me at the beginning when: “Most of the fish we commonly eat, most of the fish we know, could be gone in the next fifty years.”

That’s stunning and gripping. I mean, oh my God, right? I need to stop eating fish now! Everyone stop fishing! This is a catastrophe…But, not so fast, because Mark Kurlansky doesn’t want to hurt the fishing communities that rely on these hugely irresponsible, fish hauls. Let the fisherMEN fish, don’t regulate them, they will take care of the problem, says Kurlansky. But to me, this is like saying: let the coal miners mine, or let the oil drillers drill. If it is hurting the earth we have to STOP IT NOW! How can you wait for the fisherMEN to figure it out? They’re the ones over fishing! All the fish will be dead and consumed by the time the problem is figured out.

I’m sorry if you fish. I really don’t have anything against your profession, but I find this climate change debacle terrifying and really fucking frustrating.

If you want to really KNOW about the ocean, and you care about the ocean and its future check out The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One. Sylvia Earle is amazing. Also there’s a documentary on Netflix called Mission Blue, mostly about Earle, but it’s also a platform for her to implore the viewers to CARE. (Earle doesn’t eat fish btw…)

This book was a big OKAY. Its concerns were real and important. Its message was sincere, but its plan to solve the problem… Flawed.