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By: Noelle Stevenson

The story is told in panels, so here’s my review in panels (enjoy, try not to squint too hard):


**I used Institute throughout, but it’s actually the Institution**

I really enjoyed this graphic novel.

But, I need to explain my dislike for Goldenloin:

  1. His hair: buddy, you’re a hero! You can’t fight well when your hair’s in your face. That’s probably why Nimona is constantly kicking your ass.
  2. Sorry, but you had a lame excuse for cutting off Blackheart’s arm- and what’s with…
  3. Trying so hard to kill Nimona? Like you never did some bad stuff, right?!
  4. I did hate the relationship between Goldenloin and … I didn’t see the connection. (…) could do so much better, like with someone who didn’t have blonde Barbie hair hanging in their face, or want to kill the cool, interesting shapeshifter girl.

Any-who, This is entertaining and it kind of reminded me of Vicious by V.E. Schwab. SO if you don’t mind reading comics, and you want to be entertained, give this book a chance, or check out the webcomic!

Also check- out Lumberjanes, Noelle Stevenson and others, write this comic- I’ve read it, I’ve enjoyed it, but I can’t remember what happened! So find out for yourself.