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We Are the Ants, and We’ll Keep Marching On

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We are the ants.

“It began as a haunted- house story, then became a murder mystery, then somehow morphed into a sci-fi story set on a space station before finally revealing its true self to me.” (excerpt from afterward by author)

His boyfriend (Jesse) has committed suicide. Now he’s in an abusive relationship with a popular boy (Marcus). His grandma is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. His dad has left the family. His mom is working as a waitress and smoking nonstop. His brother got his girlfriend pregnant and dropped out of college. The new guy at school has great potential, but has a secret past. And can he love again without betraying Jesse’s memory? Plus, he’s been abducted by aliens (sluggers) who have given him the choice of ending the world: press the button, the world exists; don’t press the button, the world ends.

Henry is a great character, but his teenage years…suck! Jesse, his former boyfriend, and first love, has killed himself, and Henry was blindsided. When he was with Jesse everything was great. He thought. Was Jesse’s death his fault?

His family is miserable. His mother wanted to be a chef, but tough circumstances forced her hand, so instead she’s a waitress, and a chain smoker. His grandma is lovable and wonderful, but she’s losing all her memories, and is wreaking havoc on the house. His brother Charlie has a pregnant girlfriend and dropped out of school.

Things are no better at school. Henry’s bullied to a dangerous degree. Called Space Boy by the popular crowd, he’s in a secret, abusive relationship with one of the wealthiest, most influential boys in the group. The Space Boy moniker began when Henry’s brother Charlie told people at school that Henry thought aliens were abducting him.

Based on all the bad, Henry has no intention of pressing the button that would save the world. Why would he? People are miserable.

But then, a new boy (Diego) moves in, and things start to change. Henry likes Diego as a friend, at first. Henry still loves Jesse and hasn’t had the right kind of closure since his death. Besides, Diego has a secret, which Henry is tired of, because Jesse kept his depression a secret from him…

Time moves on, Marcus (abusive, popular guy) continues to plague Henry. Henry regains friends he’d lost after Jesse’s death. And Diego becomes more than a friend.

Things aren’t perfect, but were they ever meant to be?

We ARE the ants, after all…